Technology + Methodology

Optimising Marketing Teams with Modern Martech

I work with growing companies at the intersection of marketing technology and methodology.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) aligns technology and methodology to utilise the vast datasets sitting within your organisation to create a better experience that attracts and retains customers more efficiently.

Marketing With #AI Closes The Insight-to-Action Gap 


Capture leads during that vital moment of Intent.

From the very first keyword search, I'll help you orchestrate a personalised customer experience that's purposeful, engaging and measured.

Lead Generation




What software and tools should we be using to get the best results?

Create the perfect technology stack to execute strategy at pace.

From CRM to Email Automation, Content Production and Automated Lead Generation software that's AI powered, scalable and designed to support your business strategy as well as your customer experiences. 




Do we have the right methodology to target, engage and measure?

I'll review your business strategy and marketing methodology to ensure they're aligned, measurable and you have the right resources to achieve your targets.


Technology Advice

The number of technology solutions available is daunting. Choosing the right mix impacts your budgets, team and methodology. Let's get it right.

CRM, CMS, Automation, Re-marketing, Artificial Intelligence, the list goes on.

I'll help your marketing team decide on the best technology stack to future-proof your operations.

Methodology & Strategy

Your marketing budget is being spent every month. But do you know whether it's helping the company achieve it's goals?
Are your people focused on the right performance metrics?

I'll work with your team to ensure the marketing methodology is aligned, scalable and measured.

Bespoke support

Let's talk about your business, challenges and roadblocks to growth and how we can get your marketing team, technology and methodology working together.

This work could influence your operations, sales and other teams, so we'll take a holistic approach and pick the projects with potential to have the most impact on your businesses bottom line.


As a contract CMO or senior leadership support I'll be on hand and on your case driving the strategy, mentoring your team and ensuring all programs are focused on results.

I can help with technology solutions, implementation, training and strategy. As well as day to day marketing leadership.


You might be setting up a new marketing team, or feel your strategy and methodology needs a refresh.

Or perhaps your team is growing and you need advice on structure, technology and methodology to scale without burning budget working it out.

This would be a short term, predefined contract with clear outcomes for a fixed fee.


Would you like me on secondment to work inside your business for a period of time?

Whether its working with your current team or setting up one from scratch together we'll get your marketing program fired up and running on all cylinders.

From strategy to a scaleable methodology, technology, people and resources I'll help you get results.