Data is the Oxygen of Modern Marketing.

If you’re a marketer whose work is being changed by automation, you don’t have to wave the white flag and start looking for a different career. Instead, consider taking a proactive approach that increases your value and builds a future for yourself among these automation solutions.

AI will empower people to create, imagine and innovate at entirely new levels to drive growth and productivity. Far from simply eliminating repetitive tasks, AI should put people at the center, augmenting the workforce by applying the capabilities of machines so people can focus on higher-value analysis, decision-making and innovation.

Marketing's job is shifting away from campaign execution to a role centered on identifying and using context to create a repeatable cycle of interactions, drive deeper engagement, and learn more about the customer in the process. Forrester describes the execution of this vision as contextual marketing. It represents the next stage in marketing’s development to automated, intelligent campaign execution.

Justin FlitterMarketing, AI