Automation failed to personalise marketing emails

It wasn't so long ago when Marketing Automation software promised the holy grail of email personalisation. 

As a consumer and a marketer I sit beautifully on both sides of the fence. As both responsible for creating marketing automation strategies and receiving dozens of daily automated messages I can promise you this.

All Marketing Automation software did was overburden marketers with shit loads of data points; making personalisation virtually impossible beyond Hi {first name} and 'if this, then that' dynamic content. 

The job of setting up the vast amount of variations and workflow mostly to complicated, time consuming or impractical with the businesses data architecture.

Most automation programs still put consumers in large general buckets with business logic based on assumptions rather than fact. Because it's simply too complicated to set up so many variations and workflows.

Now AI may finally be able to empower marketers to create truely personalised experiences by eliminating the data complexity issues and automating the whole process.


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